Schwinn: Before and After

Hello Hell0. This is the very first post on the very first day of my very first blog. Hooray!

To start, I think I’ll present one of my recent projects. My interpretation of DIY: a DDIFA. (Daddy Did It For Alex)

I bought this treasure off of Craigslist last September as a birthday gift for myself. It completely charmed me: a vintage 1951 Schwinn Ladies Cruiser. The woman who sold it to me in West Des Moines said it was her grandmother’s first bicycle which she rode around in her hometown Grinnell, Iowa. (Note the bicycle license on the back!) It hadn’t been touched since she’d stopped riding it and the granddaughter was ready to claim back the storage space. It was rusted and needed a lot of work, but I was ready for the challenge.

It turns out I didn’t know what I was doing (shocking), and I lacked the tools to make this bike look like my fantasies. My know-all, handyman father took the reins and then- the magic happened. It still needs a basket, but really, I’m in love….


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