Kindle Woes


I believe that the designers and bookworms of the world hear me when I say that the Kindle is kind of… heartbreaking. It is furthering the slow demise of the print industry: the industry I want so badly to be a part of. When a good friend of mine laid down the $190.00 for the newest edition… I crossed my arms and stamped my feet at him.

This being said, an essential part of being a designer is having the flexibility to grow with the field. You need “interactive skills.” You need to be hip on the technology. Yes, you need to stay a bit stubborn, but perhaps a bit less than you are now.

The same friend wrote a book of poetry and has asked me to illustrate. He then asked me to help him post it as an ebook, available to Kindle and iPad users. I figure any skill that I can acquire is an asset for the future, and so this has become my task. Since I have no knowledge of this process, I have been a researching fiend. I’d like to share the resources I’ve gathered for you all.

Here they are:

1. Step by step
2. Same idea
3. Publishing Guidelines PDF
4. You need to sign in or create an account with Amazon, which you can do here.

Once it is posted, [once success is reached,] you’ll be sure to hear about it.

Ciao Ciao


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