Art Buddies

Thursday marked the first meeting of Art Buddies. AIGA has sent out an email about a month ago asking for volunteers and I, somewhat impulsively, signed up. Basically, students from Whittier school in Minneapolis (from low income families) come after their classes and are paired up with an “adult art buddy” (creative professionals from around the metro). This year’s theme is “Kids Rule!” and so the volunteers help the kids to create a costume describing what they would do if they were in charge; if they were king or queen of the world.

Before the kids got there, we had to get everything set up. The amount of crafty supplies they have accumulated is amazing. It was like I died and went to… Michael’s. First, we paired up as adults (Emily, the daughter of a friend of my mother’s, was there: small world.) Then they had the kiddies pick out their adult partners.

My girl’s name is Gianna and she is adorable. She was a part of the program last year (when she dressed up as a ‘fashion cat’), she likes basketball, the colors blue and purple, and she is in fifth grade. She wants to dress up as a Asian Princess. When I asked her what kinds of things she wanted to change in the world, or what her reasoning was, she just kind of stared at me. She wants to be pretty. Duh. So I said.. “maybe you’ll have all of those flowers in your hair because you want… more gardens in the world?”

And she said, “YEP! Yeah, let’s say that.”

We took some cute photos but I’m not sure what the rules are for posting them… I will find out. The next meeting isn’t for two weeks, but I’m excited to start working on her costume with her! She is such a sweetie.


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