The West Elm Detective

West Elm has got some serious sleuthing web design functions. Yesterday, I was reading through one of their promo emails (Rugs! As low as $99!) and thinking about how nice it would be to have some cozy between my toes as I sit at my desk. It’s getting colder, after all. I was suckered into going into a place I knew I would regret… because every time I go to their site I just end up finding something I want but, alas, cannot afford.

I found a rug. It has birdies on it. It’s green. It’s $299.

Today I check my email again and find another West Elm email, this one displaying the very rug that I spent so much time viewing yesterday.

West Elm's Starlings Rug

It’s like.. their site is a really charming, needling salesperson that can see the desire in your eyes; that can see that you’re about to break, you just need a little urging.

Other websites, take note.


2 thoughts on “The West Elm Detective

  1. I’m generally not much for product marketing (commercials), but can’t help but be impressed with someone paying attention to an interest and dangling a carrot – subtle marketing vs. in your face marketing. Cool.

    • It’s all about finding new routes to the same target. A specific, considered message to a niche target is much more effective than a broad message addressed to hundreds. Especially if they don’t necessarily realize that they are being ‘advertised’ to.

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