yay err’day

Dear Friends,

Once upon a Spring Semester 2010, a dear and darling co-student peer (classmate is the word I was seeking) introduced me to YAY!EVERYDAY and my life has never been the same. My ‘inspiring images’ folder has been invaded by y!e posts. Whenever I want to get some of the creative juices flowing, or when I want to satisfy that itch, most of the time I find some y!e project as a jumping point for one of my own. I love them.


They have inspired the need for a new sub-inspiring-images-folder, entitled “Just Happy” because these things serve no purpose but to make me smile.


One thought on “yay err’day

  1. Remember that Sony commercial with all the thousands of colored rubber balls bouncing down steep streets? This reminded me of that. Anything that provides inspiration is good.

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