Braid Face (1)

As promised, I started painting. With oils. I haven’t painted with oils since, honestly, my painting class in Italy (spring 2008). I’m holding off on the enormous frame because I don’t think that the surface would hold paint long term, which is something I need to fix.

Anyway… It’s hard. I forgot about the elusive nature of skin tones. I forgot how… wet oils are. I can’t follow my impulses to attack the details right away, like I can with acrylic. It’s teaching me patience. Here is what I have so far:

Braid Face Draft One

The subject is based off a photo I found online ages ago. I have no idea where I got it or whose it is, I just felt drawn to it:

Braid Face Original

She’s pretty; she’s quirky. She’s hiding under her hair, which is silly, which she completely understands… but that isn’t stopping her. I feel like doing this many times a day.


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