Colossal Project

A friend of a brother of a friend of mine [networking, people], Elizabeth, owns the cutest, teensiest little cafe. Colossal Cafe is in south Minneapolis right off of Cedar and 42nd, and it is the furthest thing from colossal that you’ve ever seen.

It gets pretty crowded on the weekends, and Elizabeth was in need of a better menu system. She’d seen chalkboards up in other places, and they seemed to work pretty well… so that’s where Alex comes in.

I was there for several hours today, and while I’m not quite done yet, I’m going to post my progress.

Here’s the wall. Normally there is a two person, black table and chairs in front of it, with a vase and daisies on top.

Blank wall

I kind of… arbitrarily decided the size of the two frames. We’d decided on “big,” and that there would be two: one for beverages and pastries and the other for the lunch and breakfast entrees. I used Frog Tape, which is utterly amazing. It has some kind of chemical in the adhesive that sucks up all the moisture, eliminating ANY seepage at ALL. A little more pricey than normal tape: totally worth it.

Taped wall

Some white paint added:

White paint

A bit of the frame decoration done. If you were in my Advertising Capstone, you might recognize the design… I promise, though. She picked it.

Frame Decor

Chalkboard paint added next… I tried to buy it at Michael’s, Dick Blick, and Joann’s. Fail. None of them had any. Not only did Blick not have it, I couldn’t order it through the store nor the website because the warehouse was out of stock. Eerrrgh. Home Depot was the only one to come through for me.

Ok. Then I painted the other one.

Chalkboard 2

I would have kept going, but five hours had passed and I was a lil’ tuckered out. More Friday! Go there! Their pancakes (excuse me, Flappers) are to die for. And humungus.


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