Minneapolitan Love

I am falling in love with Minneapolis. Yes, it is true. Every time I make the journey from the STP East Side (what what), I become more and more infatuated. Justin and I talk about moving all the time, and right now, the place I am in my life would fit so well with the Uptown and/or Whittier neighborhoods. Artsy, active, not-so-fancy, young… Someday when I’m a bit more established, buying one of those adorable houses near Lake Harriet would be magical.

I spent so much time in Iowa wishing I weren’t there. And complaining. Really, Des Moines is pretty cool. It’s growing like crazy, and I think it was a good starting-city for me to explore and become acquainted with. The Twin Cities are so much more dense and lively, I’m discovering new things every time I venture out.

I know that there are bigger, better, far off places that are genuinely interesting: places I’d like to experience. Claire’s in San Francisco, surrounded by so many big names; surrounded by so many of the people and companies whose blogs I follow and whom I emulate. They are right there. There is a whole world full of people and places I can learn from, and yet I’m drawn home. I’m not sure what Minnesota possesses that makes me feel so comfortable. My family is here. I grew up here. Friends say they can’t wait to move away; that they feel it’s the ‘expected’ thing to do to move to The Cities and settle down. They feel tied down by this. I don’t think that I do. Not right now, at least.


Two Minneapolitan adventures I went on recently include the latest Art Buddies session and, also, the utterly amazing Morning Benders concert at the Varsity.

Honestly, the first Art Buddies meeting completely freaked me out. I’d impulsively signed up for this great sounding networking opportunity, but when it came to actually going… I couldn’t think about anything except the fact that I wouldn’t have any comfort zone refuge; that I sometimes get really anxious in social situations. Also, I don’t talk to kids… there aren’t really any in my life. I mean, I used to be one. For the life of me, though, I couldn’t remember what I was interested in in fifth grade; what my maturity level was like; how old 23 seemed… Let alone, a fifth grader from a low income family in South Minneapolis (which is no white, suburban Hastings).

This week went 100 times better, inside my head. I get so silly about ‘putting myself out there.’ If I can handle living in a foreign, non-English speaking country for four months without a familiar soul; if I can handle 18 credit hour semesters with two capstones for two degrees, and 25 hour work weeks, I can handle doing arts and crafts in a room full of sweet little kids and adults with the same interests as my own. Alex, you are silly. Remind yourself that!

The costume Gianna and I are working on is awesome, too. So that helped.

Afterwards, Theanna and I met up for some dinner and, because she’s got an in, we were on ‘the list’ for the Twin Sister and The Morning Benders concert. I didn’t like the first band that played (and consequentially don’t remember who they were), but I was happily surprised with Twin Sister. They were great! Their skinny, dark-haired guitar player was so animated and excited… he made me giggle. And when he sang, I was equally impressed as amused. The lead singer chick had this awesome, long, purple wig on. She had a really slow, relaxed singing voice, which I really liked as well.

THE MORNING BENDERS. Do you know them!? If you could picture the lead singer based on his voice, I bet you wouldn’t envision a skinny, innocent looking, Asian kid. I hadn’t. There isn’t much else to say but that they were marvelous. Better live than recorded, even. And we were standing in the front row.

Chris Chu

I do wish the crowd had been a little more lively: I was a bit disappointed in my fellow concert attendees. Like I said though, it meant we had an awesome view of the stage and the band. Awesome awesome awesome.


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