Scanning Binge!

Today was lovely. I went to see my momma at home, and gosh if she just isn’t the BEST. (Hi, Momma.) We went on a walk in the cool, beautiful fall weather. She cooked us lunch (her patented spaghetti sauce… way better than that of a certain Italian restaurant where I happen to work) (shall remain nameless).  We chatted away. Home is so relaxing. I love her so much.

She helped me figure out a budget because the end of my student loan grace period is looming… Organization feels so good. Especially when you discover $246.00 you didn’t know you had while getting there. I ended up going to Target after I finished my Colossal Cafe project (finally! My next post will have photos…) and purchasing another filing box + manilla folders + shelves for my desk to house my ‘current projects’ so that they stop invading the space under my keyboard.

While digging through old files, I found so many wonder-filled things. Notes from high school; old projects… and all of this has lead me to go on a SCANNING BINGE. GO!

Papercut FlowerFortunes

(One of these things is not like the other…)

Eduardo Sanchez

(Artwork compliments of Anonymous)

Jeanna's Shrine

(Jeanna. Productive work done on Dakota County’s time.)


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