Rumi + Employment Woes

Sorry I’ve been quiet for a few days. I guess I haven’t had much to report.

While I was rummaging through the internet for chalkboard inspiration, I found a quote I really like by Rumi. (Here it is.) I’ve the general [design] itch, so I’m always looking for little baby projects to work on. I have a bunch of frames I hung in my room when I moved in, so naturally I am sick of them already. I think I might take a few of my favorite quotes and try out some new fonts, stick them in the frames, and type-ify my space a bit.

Rumi Quote

It isn’t complete. I think I’m going to do some hand-done accents and fiddle with having some of the words pop out a bit. I was tracing the letters in a since-abandoned experiment, and the original paper got an embossed feel to it, which I really like. The typefaces I used were Big TopMarket Deco & Archer. I think I found the first two featured on Design*Sponge a few days ago. They are both available for a free download.

Speaking of D*S, I found out that Julia Rothman (whom I idolize) played a part in the site’s design with her company, ALSO. Claire sent me an article about her, saying that if I didn’t know who this chick was, I probably should because I would love her. Yes, Claire. I do. Basically, she is crazy talented, loves hand-drawn illustration, and works from home. All three things I aspire to be and love and want.

The draw of that lifestyle is inhibiting my ‘real’ job search. But I struggle with that thought, too, because if my dream is to work from home, wouldn’t getting a ‘real’ job be inhibiting my overall happiness? No, not really. Really, it would just be aiding my finances and opening me to people and experiences. Part of the reason I haven’t posted for a week is because I’ve been so caught up in my part time job (at a restaurant). I’ve decided that I am too young to hate a job that much. It’s been tolerable until recently. Recently I just go to work, am at a loss as to why I am there, come home late, and sleep in ridiculously late the next day to recover.

New goal: apply for two jobs every day. Even if they are on Craigslist and there is no way I’ll get a response. Even if I am way under-qualified. Even if they are just another part time job.


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