Graduate Spends Night In Dorm Room


I visited my little sister at school a few weekends ago and boy, were we lame. We pigged out and watched movies and overall, had great sisterly bonding time. First she introduced me to The Acoustic Cafe and we had a little booth-photo-shoot:

Acoustic Cafe: Kate

Acoustic Cafe: Alex

We are very glamorous individuals, as you can see. Later, for dinner, we went to “Ted’s,” an apparent Menomonie landmark, and gorged on Taco Pizza:


Oof. Gluttony.

And… because I wouldn’t be an older sister if I didn’t, I’m going to include some embarrassing pictures of “kitty kat,” as she has become known. Ladies and gentlemen, Kate Doffing:

This photo gets to my core:

Kate Doffing

Love you, Katiebug!! <3


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