Teagan White

Ok. I have found my muses for the day.

1. Dad. He is the most supportive and wonderfully patient, loving, caring, present father whom I could ever imagine. Every time I think about how much I love my my dad, I almost start to cry. I just got off of the phone with him, ending a conversation entailing the amazing desk he’s building for me and also how I can do anything, anywhere, and the worst thing that could happen would be that I end up back home, broke. Which, hey, wouldn’t even be so bad.

2. Teagan White. Holy shit. I have had a browser open for three days with one of her charcoal projects on Behance… which I happened upon [amazing]. Once I researched her further, I found she is in Minneapolis at MCAD, and she is a complete rockstar. Not only a muse, but an idol. Read her bio, for crying out loud:

“Teagan White is a freelance designer and illustrator from Chicago, currently a student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her experience working with a diverse range of clients, from those in the music, fashion, and editorial industries to small business owners and individuals, has allowed her to reject much of the sterility of contemporary design in favor of an aesthetically-focused approach that bridges the perceived gap between graphic design and illustration. Intricate linework, naturalistic rendering, and subdued color are integral to her visual identity, while a fascination with natural history, antiquities, and mortality drives the content of her work.”

The world is full of inspiration, I just have to have the gusto to find it [over and over, everyday]. Each day is challenging me artistically, financially, and emotionally, but when I feel the support around me and see work like that, I get little shivers and know that I’ll be okay.


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