Do you watch The Office?

My dad, the most amazingly kind, patient, and talented man in the entirety of the universe, made a desk for me. I found a desk liked on the West Elm site (see it here), and my pops whipped it up for me! I now possess my very own Megadesk. It is Huge and Mega, and it is also being used in conjunction with another desk, thereby adhering to the original definition of Megadesk.

(Note: I miss the Downtown Des Moines Farmers’ Market sorely. Window from Natalie’s old barn. Doily from Grandma’s basement. Silhouette from my brain.)

(See: drawing from small Italian boy at Mac Grill; IKEAn baskets; Mucha tin FROM THE MUCHA MUSEUM; Court Ave Growler; Drake.)

Finally, let’s rewind seven months (sad):


4 thoughts on “MEGADESK

  1. Think your amazingly kind, talented and patient Dad could whip me up a mega desk?
    Ok great! :) Tell Bern I said thanks in advance!

  2. Flea Market Finds // Cross Lake, Minnesota | Alexandra Doffing

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