Plant Machine!

Lately I have been readjusting a bit. I have a new job which means an entirely new schedule + availability, and I am trying to undergo some 2011 changes. Be more social. Be more health conscious. Be more proactive in general… nothing too Earth shattering, I suppose. I haven’t blogged much, but plan on getting on a more regular routine once more.

A project that I am really, really excited about is for my buddy and his band. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to publicize what they’re up to or whatnot, but… they rock. I am working on some album art for their upcoming EP release (TBD when, exactly), and hopefully, if they like me, I’ll be working on stuff beyond that as well. My friend is, like, the most brilliant-idea-having-maniac ever and our first brainstorming session was phenomenal.

One of the concepts we decided to pursue was a really intricate illustration juxtaposing plant life and machinery. A really complex machine fulfilling a really simple task. The band really liked the work I did for Somewhere Violet and asked I take a similar approach to their project.

This is what I have so far.

I plan to add more plant life within the gears and bars, more density and intricacy in general, and also color. The color palette of The Everglow by Mae (see below) falls along the lines of what I am considering. I’m also thinking… watercolor.


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