And It Opened Up My Eyes

Yes, the Universe is a little nerdbomber.

The very hour I accepted the fact that I was taking the eastbound road… the bridge went out. The road’s closed for construction. Might be open soon. Might not. Detour westbound. The detour is better than the bus stop where I’m currently loitering; picking my nose.

Basically, I was going to sign a contract today but the family I was considering hired someone else. I have to wait for a new match and while I’m doing so, I might take a nanny job with an American in America. In Shakopee. Speaking in metaphors is more fun, though.

I’m taking it as a sign. My course is being charted by bigger, more abstract hands than my own (although mine are pretty chubby).

And, while we’re on the subject,

Okay, and so I thought there might be some cutesy signs-related thing I wasn’t thinking of, so I searched “signs” and found this adorable little mini movie.

It’s kinda slow. But cute.


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