30 Day Picture* Challenge: 1

Well, I’m sure eighty percent of the Facebook community will be doing this in the near future (much like the 25 facts about yourself phenomenon) (I’m sorry if you’re not my friend and can’t access that link…)

But I am going to modify it a bit, so I maintain my Uniqueness. I’m not doing it on FB, I’m doing it on my blog (extra fancy), and I’m going to include as many drawn* elements as possible (because I’z a real good artist).

Day 1 : A picture of yourself and ten facts.

Disclaimer: I don’t really hate my job. It was late in the day and I had the weekend ants in my pants. Future and present employers, bear this no mind. ;)

1: I got a haircut yesterday.

2: I, overuse commas in, probably really redundant and unnecessary, ways. I also really love colons. …think punctuation.

3: Voglio parlare l’italiano con il mio cuore intero.

4: I really love my Twitter bio. “Trying to pound realism and idealism into the same pancake. A daily struggle.”

5: My car has nearly 196,000 miles on it.

6: When you consider Sargento to be fancy cheese, you’ve been in America too long.

7: My life is kind of cycling. I started out coloring and playing and being kid-like. Then I started to babysit. I got a horribly boring clerical job. I went to school to avoid having to do that ever again. I graduated school, and came to find myself in a horribly boring clerical job. Next might be a childcare position entailing much coloring, playing, and kid-like rejection of career pursuit or adulthood.

8: I really wanna go on a roadtrip.

9: I have started six of nine facts so far with the word, “I” (Voglio = “I want”). I appear to think that I am pretty important.

10: I am displeased about the decisions regarding Americorps. I <3 NPR/PBS. As a pro-lifer, I stand with PP. Obviously, I really love Jeanna Marie Bauer as well.


One thought on “30 Day Picture* Challenge: 1

  1. Proof We are Twins:
    1. I need one
    2. Same
    3. I’ve got nothing
    4. Me too!
    5. Quickly Approaching
    6. HAHA
    7. What’s Next, What’s Next, What’s Next – ALWAYS
    9. :)
    10. LOVE IT. LOVE YOU.


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