30 Day Picture Challenge: 2

Day 2: A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.

Momma Doffing

Look how pretty Momma Doffing is! Gosh, she hates having her picture taken. Jeanna took these at Scab’s in Prescott during a meat raffle (something us Midwesterners deem as a good time). We were actually on break from cheering this woman on in a pool tournament across the street… Which she placed second in because she is a hot billiards-playing babe. If you could see what was written on that stick, these photos would cease to be blog appropriate.

This is maybe the second time I’ve thought that I could bear any resemblance to my mother, the first being a picture of Kate which somehow looked like both of us. Quite literally, I have been closest with Jackie the longest: since before I was born.

She is fabulous, we are very-very similar, I’m not sure how she is right so much of the time, and she drives me absotively batty. I could not possibly ask for a better relationship with my mom and I love her dearly. Cheers to 24 years and two months of acquaintance, Mamacita!


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