We Got Mo’ Bounce…

Last update March 14? For shame, Alex! My life has been extremely hectic as of late, and I’m sorry to say that all of my ‘internet presence’ responsibilities have fallen to the back burner.

I just returned (yesterday, on the red eye) from California with my Nanny Family. It was a packed, fun-filled, slightly (!) exhausting trip. On the flight to LAX, I got peed on, and I fainted on the the flight back!

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip… We had some camera difficulties, so a lot of our photos ended up being taken on our phones. Forgive the poor quality, please!

Santa Monica Beach:

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Pier:

Santa Monica Pier

Sleeping Kiddos:

Sleeping Kiddos

Fred Astaire:

Fred Astaire

Rita Hayworth (I love hot redheads!):

Fred Astaire



These things you call “Palm Trees”:

Palm Trees

Venice Beach’s BIKINI LAND:

Bikini Land of Venice

Also Venice Beach:

Australian Couple

Venice Beach


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