Diagnosis OCD

Reasons I think I have OCD:

1. Every door near me has to be closed. Upon entering the family room, I will close the laundry room door, the bathroom door, the garage door, the downstairs door, the front door, and any and all cabinet doors if not already done so.

2. I make lists. Compulsively. My lists have sublists. Before accomplishing something, I’ll write it on the list just so I can cross it off upon completing it. If too many things are crossed off, I have to rewrite the list. I can’t make digital lists because I don’t get the satisfactory crossing-out-action.

3. I’m a control freak. Let me do it; you’re just going to mess it up.

4. I correct people’s grammar in my head while they’re talking. Sometimes I can’t focus on what they’re saying because I’m caught up in my correction dialogue in my head.

5. We have DVR. I would rather sit and watched a paused screen and then FF through the commercials than to just sit and watch them the first time.

6. I find myself fantasizing about organizing the pantry and the refrigerator.

7. I will have a panic attack if you make me touch a dirty, smelly rag.

Some of these listed items are not rational, as I am kind of messy, slow paced, and less than fully focussed. I self contradict. This is further evidence to my self diagnosis: it is not logic driving these compulsions, but mania.

I am unconcerned; just aware. Now the internet is, too.


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