Before & During: Chair Upholstery

Once upon a time, my ex-roommate’s older brother, Josh, had a dog named Mya. Mya, one day, destroyed a very nice chair my grandmother had given to me. Bits of gnawed seat foam were found dispersed throughout the house, and Mya was shipped to her grandparents’ house for the remainder of Josh’s tour in Afghanistan.

I stored said chair for a year; unwilling to part with it. A week ago, the reupholstery stars aligned, and I sprung into action. I found some gorgeous fabric at IKEA (who knew?) and set to work, a few online tutorials under my belt. Basically, the advice I’d found was : every chair is different, just yank the staples out and figure it out.

My family had their doubts (does Alex know what she’s doing?) but their low expectations were exceeded by my dedication and surprising knack for fudging my way through something. Here is a truly terrible, blurry “before” picture of my chair:

And here is what it looks like now:

The foam seat is proving to be the most difficult challenge because a) it’s so damned expensive and b) there are many ways I could do it. So far, I’m pretty excited about it, and can’t wait to hit up some thrift stores for more furniture!


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