Summer 2011: To Do

Woah, this is huge, right? This list composes Jeanna and Alex’s hopes and desires for the upcoming season; all the things we hope to and look forward to accomplishing. Leave two girls with Surlys and bar napkins in front of them, and things happen.

A more readable, link filled rendition of this list is as follows:

1. Bring wine to the Secret Beach (no link – it’s a secret!)
2. Mpls & St Paul Farmers’ Markets
3. HP7II and preceding marathon (July 15th)
4. Go to The Alexis Bailly Vineyard
5. Have a mud fight
6. Have a waterballoon fight
7. Herb infused vodka: make them
8. King’s Place with our dads
9. Say “hi” to the bartender at Pracna on Main
10. Go to the Jager bar
11. Tequila shots at Barrio
12. Uptown Theater: midnight showings of classic movies
13. Picnics all the damn time
14. Cannon River tubing
15. Use those public bikes in Mpls
16. Surly Brewery tour + other local type beers. Yah. (Summit, Leinenkugels, Crispin, etc)
17. Reinstate the book club
18. Get henna. Make a Hmong Market meal.
19. Go to Lake Calhoun often!
20. Find the summer equivalent of Prescott meat raffles and embrace it.
21. Eat the rest of Jeanna’s hotdogs!! Have a Sandlot viewing party.
22. Go to Alex’s “cabin” and boat to townie bars
23. Get a big ass Mucha tat (Alex) and brainstorm a new tat to get (Jeanna)
24. Get a group to go to Chino Latino (since Alex has never been there)
25. Walker Sculpture Garden picnic
26. Des Moines Farmers’ Market (Visit Natalie)
27. Shakopee “Barb” Bar Crawl
28. Canterbury w/ Pete
29. Blue Door Pub Challenge completion.
30. Minnesota State Fair
31. Uptown Art Fair
32. Solidify friendship with Zach: BBQ on his porch
33. Visit Emily (Winona trip)
34. Savoy Pizza + Eden Pizza
35. North Shore + Duluth + Gooseberry Falls trip (September)
36. Day drink with Jackie, Sharon, Bernie, and Leroy
37. Swing dancing at The Caves + Salsa dancing at Famous Dave’s
38. Alex: Dark side part II
39. Izzy’s Norwegian Chai Ice Cream: More than once.
40. Teach Jeanna to crochet doilies
41. Make cool friends

New additions:
42. Dark Dark Dark at the Walker
43. Isles Bun & Coffee: $1.25 Puppy Dog Tails 


10 thoughts on “Summer 2011: To Do

  1. Are you ready for Birthday weekend cross-off-a-thon?!

    Here goes:

    Friday night we’ll be going to Chino Latino (#24) for Justin’s birthday celebrations.
    Saturday morning, we’ll be going to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market (#2) to buy a few special trinkets for scheduled birthday picnics (which is just the start of “all the damn time” (#13))… & when I say trinkets – this could possibly include herbs or spicy peppers, for infused vodkas (#7).
    Then, we will clean. I’m sorry – this has to happen. I promise, there can be loud music and dancing.
    Then II, if time permits we can nap or get ice cream (#39) or start drinking.
    Then III, when the guests arrive we’ll go and say “Hi” to bartenders (#9).
    Is this getting too detailed?
    Sunday – we’re going with the flow because those boys are going to get me drunk.

    & look at #19…. we’re soooo on the ball.
    Oh, and lets make that peanut butter. The oreos are almost gone….

  2. Infused Vodka & Minneapolis Farmers’ Market | ———-

  3. Henna | ———-

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