Infused Vodka & Minneapolis Farmers’ Market

In our Summer List, numbers two and  seven are officially a “check.”

We hit up the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning, which was a first for me. So many cheerful faces; so many fresh and wonderful things. It turns out that Minneapolis will match your first five EBT dollars that you spend at the market, which is amazing! Encouraging the support of local vendors and the consumption of healthful, fresh goodies… Thumbs up!

We had quite the eclectic array of market purchases, as seen here:

Farmers' Market Purchases

Onions (’cause they looked so juicy), rhubarb, spicy peppers for our vodka, jalapeño pickles for the bloodies we planned to make with said vodka, garlic, local Ames Farm honey (for mint, honey green tea!), and some cinnamon soap samples a kind lady placed into our palms. On the whole, an experience I want to relive very soon. There was an indoor flower market, too, where I so wanted to buy my momma some roses. She’s so purdy, and so were they!

So, after a pitstop at Isles Bun & Coffee (so good), we chopped up our peppers and started the infusion process. I suppose it differs based on what you’re using to flavor the alcohol, but any more than the 12 hours we left the peppers in would have been too long.

Infusing Vodka!

How pretty! I will say, be sure to wear gloves when you’re chopping. My hands didn’t hurt so much, but they absorbed a lethal amount of spice. So much so, that I was quoted as saying that if anyone pissed me off that evening, I was just going to stick my fingers in their mouth. Maybe a little weird… but something to be legitimately feared.


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