Before & After: Chair Upholstery

I decided to spend the weekend at my parents’ house, thus had a world of unfinished projects surrounding me, pleading for attention. After a wild night of dancing with my daddy (something that can make you feel great no matter what) and friends on Friday, I caught the motivation bug. You may recall my chair upholstery project from a while back… and it is now complete!


Chair: Before


Chair: After

The whole process was extremely fudge-filled and unscientific, but largely a success. All that is left to do is apply a significant amount of Scotchguard to the fabric. Someday I may cover the bottom as well, but out of sight is out of mind.

I haven’t a place to place it until I move this fall, so it is going back into storage for awhile. If any of you out there would like to take it off of my hands, I’d probably be willing to sell it to you. It was mostly about the process; making something beautiful out of something which could have just as easily gone into a dumpster.


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