Before & After: Peacock Frock

Uncertain what the real definition of “frock” is, I found this somewhat frumpy piece of clothing at the Good Will last week. For $4, I felt my limited sewing skills could release the sweet summertime sundress from within.


Peacock Frock : Before

Size twelve. Bizarre sleeves. Shapeless. This photo is delightfully embarrassing, but not nearly as embarrassing as the ones my sister took before this one. Too early, too little makeup, and generally just a little too awkward in front of a camera lens.


Peacock Frock : After

I took it in on the sides, creating a subtle little waistline. I chopped the sleeves, pleating the hemline right above the elbow. I cut up into the underarm area to shrink the sleeve girth and eliminate inches of extra fabric.

Photographing yourself in a dark, dirty mirror is not only awkward but difficult. This was the best option… Soon I will be living with a skilled photographer and my blog post images quality will heighten dramatically.

I am very happy with my amateur tailoring skills. With a belt, some heels and some hoops, this is another dumpster bound item magically transformed. It just needed a little lovin’.


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