Flea Market Finds // Cross Lake, Minnesota

Apparently, “Up North” is the place to shop! Those country folks don’t know what they’ve got their hands on.

I spent the [stunningly gorgeous] Labor Day weekend at a friend’s cabin up north, and we found a cute little flea market just as it was closing.

Theanna found both these treasures, but passed. I then pounced.

Tooled Leather WalletTooled Leather Wallet

I almost just spent significantly more than $3.00 on a wallet very similar to this. I wish I had bookmarked it so that I could show you – the difference between three and forty-five dollars. (A small one.) Plus, this one has seen some life and shan’t being taking up space in a landfill.

Next is a tin featuring the one and only Alphonse Mucha.

Alphonse Mucha TinIf you are unaware, I am wholly, fully, entirely enamored with Monsieur Mucha. My kitty bears the name Alphonse despite its gender (female). I am seriously considering tattooing one of his pieces onto my body. You now understand.

My dear friend, Claire, was in Brussels a few years back. She went to the Horta Museum and elicited from me an unnamed amount of envy. While there, she picked up my first Mucha tin (featured teeny tiny in this post) which now has a companion on my shelf. Oh happy days.


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