Fall 2011 // To Do List

Fall is my favorite. There is nothing like the feeling, weather, and beauty of a Minnesota autumn. That being said, there are some things I (you) could do to enhance its utter dominance, and a list of these things will follow shortly.

Jeanna and I entered the summer season with the best of intentions to do everything on our summer to do list. While we may not have accomplished every item on the list, merely having a list motivated us like crazy! Every time there was an opportunity for fun, culture, music, or meeting new people, we pounced. We got into a really active groove with the list attitude, and so bringing it forward to fall only made sense. I feel we took our summer for all it was worth, and it was lovely.

Fall 2011:

1. Go to an apple orchard and/or pumpkin patch
2. Make whiskey ciders with cloves
3. Make a pie from scratch
4. Go “Up North” (9/30 – 10/2: Gooseberry Falls & Two Harbors
24th birthday camping trip!!)
5. Go to an Oktoberfest
6. BDP Blucy Challenge Continuation
7. Wine on the Secret Beach
8. Continued tattoo considerations
9. Reinstate book club
10. Half Price Books Clearance Sale @ Grandstand (Oct 8 & 9)
11. Zombie Pub Crawl 2011 (10/8)
12. Visit Emily in Winona
13. Alex: Move to Minneapolis! (9/29)
14. Alex: Go to the UK, Spain, and France! (9/16 – 9/26)
15. Alex: Buy a car! Name it
16. Alex: Turn 24 (9/28)
17. Alex: Start an Etsy Shop
18. Alex: Relaunch website
19. Go swing or salsa dancing with Brianna
20. Teach Jeanna to crochet and make antler mobiles
21. Coffee Shop Hop (Go to a new one every time!)
22. Walks!
23. University Ave Bar Crawl
24. Chai S’mores
25. Make THESE THINGS! A pastry top for your coffee mug?!


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