The End of an Era

I sold my beloved… to my father.

How many of you could say the same? It is true: after eight years and 70,000 miles, I sold my teal 1992 Honda Accord (fondly named “China Berry”) to my dad for $300.

Three hundred smackers got Bernie:

Stylish rust accents
Some sassy pinched up fenders
An alluringly squeaky passenger window
A stubborn, non functional left rear door
A nice, moist trunk
An impressive three foot long key marking
One fickle brake light
A vintage torn backseat (foam visible!)
Crackly burnt out speakers
Some impressively permanent impound lot number paint
Immediate visibility in the parking lot
Eight years and 202,000 miles of memories

And… some hot stuff bragging rights.

Farewell my sweet, sweet green machine. You were my first, I’ll never forget you!


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