Minneapolis Transition

Transitioning from the suburbs to Minneapolis has been a slow process, but I am grateful it’s finally come. I’m not sure where September or a majority of October have gone, yet I feel somehow certain that they were pretty wonderful. So many things seem to be happening at once and they are all so good and fill me up so much inside, I’ve lost track of time as it passes.

I am twenty-four. That’s new. I feel… like an adult? I’ve been trying to identify what has changed within me, and I think it’s been a culmination of all that I’ve learned in this year since graduation. The lessons I’ve learned and the knowledge I’ve gained and the priorities I’ve set are all aligning. I say it’s me trying to “act grown up,” but a better description might be that I am trying to be more proactive and more intentional in the choices and actions I take each day. I say each day because each day builds up to being your Septembers and your Octobers and your life, and that is becoming more clear to me. That, and a recent epiphany: if you smile more, people think you’re a really a happy person! 

So, goals.

1. Smile more, because I am a stinkin’ happy, lucky, grateful person
2. Build illustrator contacts
3. Become an illustrator
3.1 Get into a show / have my work displayed
4. Streamline possessions: too much stuff makes me anxious
5. Set up a stellar studio in the basement
6. Meet people, and then don’t assume they’d not love to talk to (or know) me
7. Identify which music sits best with Alex (not Alex’s friends or boyfriends or whomever)
8. Eliminate as much plastic as possible from my life
9. Stop using the microwave
10. Cook
11. Spend more (time & money) on quality sustenance
12. Get a job that challenges me where I can interact with people
13. Swallow the missed website deadline and get that sucker up
14. Etsy shop: have one
15. Dress like an adult, but like myself (be presentable & confident)
16. Communicate things that make me unhappy
17. Assert the things I deserve for myself
18. Be as honest as possible
19. Tell the people I love that I do
20. Make this home

21. Dance WAY more


One thought on “Minneapolis Transition

  1. I grew up in Minneapolis and after high school starting living in the suburbs…. Not far long after I realized how much I miss living in Minneapolis and how convenient and diverse it is. Hope you enjoy Minneapolis as much as I do.

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