Basement Studio // Before

My attitude as of late has been go go go; don’t stop, don’t think, just do do do. Now.

Anyhow, most things are under control. I made a budget last night and found out that my monthly intake is $0.60 more than my outgoing. Yes, I bet you didn’t know I was such a high roller. That weekly fifteen cents is going get me far… But it is! It’s going to batten down the hatches of my motivation to get stuff done around the house, and to finish the multitude of projects I have brewing…

And to clean out the basement. Twenty-four years of crap accumulation has come to an abrupt halt. The ninth move since I left my parents’ after high school was the final straw. I suffer from what my daddy not-so-fondly refers to as TMS, as evidenced below:

Basement 1

Basement 3Basement 2

Wow. Okay, so with the ambitious “> one box per night” goal, it should cease to elicit as much terror as it does now. What is in those boxes?

The other half of the basement will be my very own special place: my studio! Before tonight’s organization rampage, it looked like this:

Studio 1

CobwebsThe cobwebs will hopefully someday look like this. With much work yet to do, I could feasibly get some work done here now! My new favorite blog, In The Make, features artists and their studios and I could gush all day about people’s creative spaces. I hope to create a place for myself that I daydream about and never want to leave.

Studio 3


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