Three Compadres Drawing

My weekend has been a blur. Friday marked the last day of my nanny job, which was a bit emotionally taxing. Since then, I’ve

— been to an amazing Italian restaurant, Lucia’s
— exercised (!)
— developed some instructional design material
— gained marked progress on an upcoming project (soon to be unveiled)
— made chicken noodle soup
— started an ETSY SHOP
— attended a meat raffle in Wisconsin
— learned to play euchre
— breakfasted at Sunstreet Breads with my roommate
— finished the drawing below

Golly. Tomorrow I start work at my new job in the building my dad worked in for 20 years. Small world.


Graphite Drawing of 3 Fishermen on Hawaii in WWII

This drawing is based off of a photograph of my friend, Kathryn’s grandfather, in the midst of his time stationed on Hawaii during World War II. He is pictured on the left, alongside two locals with whom he’d go fishing. I was fiddling with the concept of remembered details and missing memory. The structure and context stand, but the filling and the feeling get foggier as time passes. Also, the basis of the friendship of these men stood upon, in my understanding, solely fishing. I’m not sure if they spoke English. I’m not sure how they met. I do know they fished… and they used a net.


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