Website Progress // HTML Pains Me

Once upon a time I set a goal to have my new website up by my 24th birthday. That was in September. The gap between then and now, while HUGE, has been jam packed with development in so many other ways, I can’t say that I feel too badly about breaking my word. At least in this instance.

Anyway, here is a screenshot of some recent progress!

Alexandra Doffing Website Development

This might seem like small-chickens/slim-pickins to all you talented web developers out there, but I am pretty happy with what I’ve achieved so far. The fact that all of that functions is thrilling, since I dug through three-years-old school projects and examples to find the code to make it happen. Each small success (HOORAY, the float:left FLOATS LEFT!) is enormously gratifying. HTML [is outdated, I know] is not something I’ve ever been skillful with, nor does web development really light my fire.

Interviews usually go something like this:

Interviewer: Yes, yes, your portfolio is quite nice. 
Alex: Thank you! 
I: I don’t see much interactive work here. 
A: Ahhhhh… nope.
I: You should consider doing some online tutorials. Most people teach themselves these things, you know. The job market these days is really headed in the interactive direction and I think that could really help you. (This indicates that any considerations they were harboring regarding hiring me are gone.)
A: I appreciate the advice, however I don’t feel that my skills or interests really align with that kind of work. I do hear that there are opportunities for such. (This is where I politely say, “I’m not a web developer, I’m a graphic designer. I like print.”)

And then I leave, suspicions affirmed that happiness will come with self-employment and adherence to things which I feel I am best suited.

And anyway, my new job is stellar.


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