Mpls Skyline // Printing on Doors

So. Where I work, we have some pretty cool capabilities.

We had a doorway that was a little sad… so we printed on the doors. I concocted a quick rendition of the Minneapolis skyline, picking my favorite parts, while my boss sanded the doors down. We flattened my image, and printed a layer of white as a primer:

White primer print on doors

That printer is a monster. It can print on things less than three inches deep and up to 100 inches wide. Next came the color, and hanging those terribly heavy things back on their hinges. Here’s another cell phone snapshot:

Finished printed doors - Minneapolis Skyline

Up last is a digital mockup of the design:

Alexandra Doffing Illustration of Minneapolis Cityscape

Cool, eh?

I don’t feel comfortable advertising where you can find me a good portion of everyday, but if your company is interested in doing something like this, I could certainly hook you up. Shoot me an e-mail. 


6 thoughts on “Mpls Skyline // Printing on Doors

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  2. St Paul Skyline // Minnesota Illustration | Alexandra Doffing

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