Drawing Insights // Timed Practice

Along with the vector integration, lately I’ve received direction to start becoming a master of the way *I* work. That is to say, be aware of what works, what slows down, and what gets in the way of my artistic successes. Some starter tips were to

1. Draw simpler objects for practice.
2. Time some drawing sessions to see what I can get done if my mind is focussed and to identify, really, how long things take.
3. Once I’ve learned some lessons, start illustrating little bits of stories I find around, nurturing my conceptualizing skills.

So thus far, I’ve had two mornings with one-hour drawings. I drew a bottle and a hammer, and was surprised at how quickly things went when I was down in my studio and wholly undistracted. As I drew, I scrawled some notes to myself about my process.

1. You press too hard while doing the initial shape outline. Use softer lead so you can better erase the harsh lines.

2. Don’t alternate blending and applying graphite so often. Do more, faster, each at a time. Multitasking decreases efficiency.

3. Don’t slow down! Go! Go!

4. Sharpen your pencils.

5. Set the blending stump DOWN.

6. After a point, you have to trust yourself and your knowledge of light and composition — just forget your subject and focus on your drawing.

7. Reposition your legs. Ow.

8. It’s gonna be ugly for a while. Get used to it.

9. Bienfang drawing paper is not something you should buy again.

Liquor Bottle Sketch

All in all, this has been an extraordinarily enlightening experience. Stepping back and analyzing something I do so[mewhat] often, realizing the opportunities for improvement are vast.


One thought on “Drawing Insights // Timed Practice

  1. // Friend Figure Drawing | Alexandra Doffing

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