// Friend Figure Drawing

You would think that, after these nearly 25 years, I would remember what kind of soul-singing happiness drawing brings me. Somehow, between drawings and amidst everyday life events, the appeal dwindles and I forget.

Anyway, my beautiful and dear friends so willingly (…) sat perfectly still (…) for me the other night so I could dive back into figure drawing. I raised an enormous stink about letting them see what I made, only now to be showing the entire world, it seems. I had intentions to improve the drawings once I got them home but have since decided they might be a nice progress marker. I need to focus more heavily on working quickly (as previously discussed), and fast, gestural figure sketches fit that bill quite nicely.

So, first, the drawings which reminded me.

Mandolin wielding Hippie Chick

Moon Lady (high drama)

Then, the beautiful people. (…The beautiful people who are so very much more beautiful than these drawings indicate.)





Doug (Doug’s face looks nothing like Doug’s face! I want to give those hands another go.)


And, finally, Miss Jeanna


Lessons learned:

1. You really love drawing.
2. It takes you a second to get into the groove, but a surprisingly short second if you’re willing to push through.
3. Draw faster. The details only matter later. If you have the details but not proportion, not composition, all you have is wasted time and a wonky drawing.
4. Your outlines are too harsh and totally compose the drawing. Did you not acquire an art major? You know better than that.
5. Your friends are patient and kind and beautiful. Bring your sketchbook around more often.


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