This blog has carried me though my most awkward years. College and post grad, I did a fair bit of ambling, rambling, and talking about my cat.

I find it to be a valuable reminder of how much I have grown, so I don’t plan to eliminateĀ this space all together… It is, however, going to go into hibernation.

I am moving to a new blog platform; you may have heard of tumblr? ;)

The plan is to post more image-oriented content, more often. If you have enjoyed what you have found on my wordpress (ahem, this cow post has gotten more hits than anything I have ever done… go figure), you should move forward with me!


ā™„ Alex


Bold Floral // Completion!

I held my word to you, blog! I do that so rarely.

I did, indeed, finish it this weekend! Even before the Sunday family shabang. And I’m happy with it. I think I’ll likely add some texture before it gets taken to print, but here we go!

bold floral pattern

I am thinking about opening a Spoonflower account to make some of these patterns into realities… this isn’t yet a tile but it will probably become one.