This blog has carried me though my most awkward years. College and post grad, I did a fair bit of ambling, rambling, and talking about my cat.

I find it to be a valuable reminder of how much I have grown, so I don’t plan to eliminate this space all together… It is, however, going to go into hibernation.

I am moving to a new blog platform; you may have heard of tumblr? ;)

The plan is to post more image-oriented content, more often. If you have enjoyed what you have found on my wordpress (ahem, this cow post has gotten more hits than anything I have ever done… go figure), you should move forward with me!


♥ Alex


to & fro // From The Archives

I was cleaning my archives (and my bedroom, and my basement, and my brain), and I found some old drafts of a project from college. The whole class did posters which had to entail the phrase “to & fro,” but otherwise were free to do as we pleased. These are drafts, yes, but I thought they were sweet and reminded me of my last days at Drake.

I suppose they also align with the cabin fever (come on, spring!) I’ve been feeling, and the intense desire to jet off someplace, planless. I’m not sure if he means for it to be a positive or negative thing, but I’m feelin’ it.


to & fro 1

Girl’s Desk // Line Drawing

Hi all. As I’ve been encouraged to start doing some conceptual illustrating to build up my portfolio, I’m going to share with you the start of something I’ve been working on.

I have chosen to illustrate a story/article which I’ve come to like quite a bit. The key part of the drawing isn’t finished, but once it is I’ll do a full reveal including the text from which this and other, smaller, illustrations will be based.

Girl's desk with picture frames

Tomatoes // 2012 Garden

Huzzah! The Green Zebra Seed Savers Exchange tomato seeds are laying in their sunny egg carton beds as we speak [as I type].

Tomato seeds planted in an egg carton

Certainly to come, we have Yellow of Parma Onions, Five Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard, Genovese Basil, Black Beauty Zucchini, sunflowers, and whatever J decides to plant. It is slowly becoming apparent that this is higher on my priority list than his, but this is okay! More sunshine, satisfaction and nourishment for me!