Bold Floral // Completion!

I held my word to you, blog! I do that so rarely.

I did, indeed, finish it this weekend! Even before the Sunday family shabang. And I’m happy with it. I think I’ll likely add some texture before it gets taken to print, but here we go!

bold floral pattern

I am thinking about opening a Spoonflower account to make some of these patterns into realities… this isn’t yet a tile but it will probably become one.


April 30 // Inspiration

Click images to see them full size.simpson

Steve Simpson // 1. I want to design a set of cards! 2. His complex and playful works just really do it for me.


Kai Carpenter // The colors. Buy prints in her Etsy shop.


Hannah Lee Stockdale // This image is my favorite.


Andrew Bannecker // This bike print drew me in, but he has SO much other work!


Tanglefoot // These images of varied, overbearing women dancing with a flimsy, somewhat terrified man really tickle my fancy.