Bob Dylan // Graphite

Mn Icon Love.Drawing of Bob Dylan


In The Heart Of The Beast Theatre // Enchanted Forest Poster

A very fun project slid itself across my doormat recently. I was asked to help create a poster for the New Year’s benefit of a local theatre: In The Heart Of The Beast Theatre. The event was put on by Smoked Trout Productions, of which my friend, Jim, was humblingly helpful and patient throughout the entire process. Thanks to his considered critiques, I can proudly show you where we ended.

First, though, a bit of process… Inspiration, and then as usual, I started with my hands!

A bit of a change in direction here…

And finally – –


Vector Love // Custom Wedding Gift

I just finished a project! I teased you a while back with this post… My cousin asked me to create a poster for her brother-in-law and his new wife in the style of my Minneapolis Poster, but customized to their relationship!

Alexandra Doffing: Phil and Ashley Wedding

(Click to enlarge)

Alexandra Doffing: Phil and Ashley Wedding

Alexandra Doffing: Phil and Ashley Wedding

They met waterskiing, they’ve travelled from India to Iowa, and Phil asked Ashley to marry him at Ye Olde Pink House. They’re marathon runners, they’ve a lovely pooch named Cooper, and they’re getting married in the exquisite St Anthony Main Event Center!

What a fun project! After it was designed and got the stamp of approval, I printed it on canvas and mounted it to a wooden frame. If you’d like to hire me to do something similar, I sure would love it.

Cheesy cellphone picture of the picture mounted to a frame

White Lines Grey Matter // Promo Poster

My talented, inspiringly passionate, kind and utterly fantastic friends, Nathanael and Chris, are releasing WHITE LINES GREY MATTER‘s EP on March 22nd at 7pm at The Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis.


I have been working with them for quite some time, and I am just thrilled to share with you what we have come up with. And, of course, for their event on the 22nd.

The progress on some early blog posts here & here has led us to the final EP artwork:

White Lines Grey Matter

2012 To-Do List // Minneapolis in the Summertime

Well, another year and another night of drinking has yielded a list in anticipation of the season which lies ahead.

Here we go. Some of these are repeats from last year… but their appeal lives on.

1. Midnight Margaritas (See: Practical Magic)
2. Sangria Party
3. Day Drinking Tour
4. Twins Game
5. Saints Game
6. Local Food Picnic
7. Camping
8. Eat Jeanna’s Hot Dogs
9. Surly Brewery Tour
10. Nice Ride – Ride ’em!
11. Canterbury
12. Blue Door Pub Challenge
13. Cannon River Tubing/Kayaking
14. Pedal Pub
15. Outdoor Dance Party
16. North Shore/Gooseberry
17. Milwaukee
18. Potlucks
19. Costume Party
20. Movies in the Park @ The Walker
21. Red Hot Art Festival
22. Stencil/Tag/Graffiti Something
23. Volunteer at Humane Society
24. Wrist-Tying Ceremony
25. Play Some Kind of Sport :(
26. Mini Golf
27. Dance in the Rain
28. Orchestrate a Flash Mob
29. Harriet Island
30. Mimosas at the Asian Makeout Spot
31. All day Mimosa Brunch
32. MFA! x10!
–32.1 Get a CSA there
33. Tend Alex’s Garden (Plant, Seed, Harvest)
34. Fasika
35. University Bar Crawl (Big V’s, Hot Rods, Turf Club, etc)
36. James Beard Award Restaurant Tour
37. Brew [Ginger] Beer
38. Whiskey Ginger Party
39. Porky’s Party
40. Go to Acme Amateur Night
41. Call Doug “Dougie Fresh”
42. Summertime Okaboji
43. Fishing Trip
44. “We Are The 1%” Party
45. Bocce @ Alexis Bailey Vineyard
46. Minnesota State Fair
47. Go to The LOWBROW
48. Go to Brasa
49. Go to Alex’s cool spot at Minnehaha Falls
50. Art a Whirl
51. Take more pictures!
52. Frisbee Golf

We are more than open to suggestions. Tell me if ya wanna come along. :)

Mpls Skyline // Printing on Doors

So. Where I work, we have some pretty cool capabilities.

We had a doorway that was a little sad… so we printed on the doors. I concocted a quick rendition of the Minneapolis skyline, picking my favorite parts, while my boss sanded the doors down. We flattened my image, and printed a layer of white as a primer:

White primer print on doors

That printer is a monster. It can print on things less than three inches deep and up to 100 inches wide. Next came the color, and hanging those terribly heavy things back on their hinges. Here’s another cell phone snapshot:

Finished printed doors - Minneapolis Skyline

Up last is a digital mockup of the design:

Alexandra Doffing Illustration of Minneapolis Cityscape

Cool, eh?

I don’t feel comfortable advertising where you can find me a good portion of everyday, but if your company is interested in doing something like this, I could certainly hook you up. Shoot me an e-mail. 

Three Compadres Drawing

My weekend has been a blur. Friday marked the last day of my nanny job, which was a bit emotionally taxing. Since then, I’ve

— been to an amazing Italian restaurant, Lucia’s
— exercised (!)
— developed some instructional design material
— gained marked progress on an upcoming project (soon to be unveiled)
— made chicken noodle soup
— started an ETSY SHOP
— attended a meat raffle in Wisconsin
— learned to play euchre
— breakfasted at Sunstreet Breads with my roommate
— finished the drawing below

Golly. Tomorrow I start work at my new job in the building my dad worked in for 20 years. Small world.


Graphite Drawing of 3 Fishermen on Hawaii in WWII

This drawing is based off of a photograph of my friend, Kathryn’s grandfather, in the midst of his time stationed on Hawaii during World War II. He is pictured on the left, alongside two locals with whom he’d go fishing. I was fiddling with the concept of remembered details and missing memory. The structure and context stand, but the filling and the feeling get foggier as time passes. Also, the basis of the friendship of these men stood upon, in my understanding, solely fishing. I’m not sure if they spoke English. I’m not sure how they met. I do know they fished… and they used a net.