Bob Dylan // Graphite

Mn Icon Love.Drawing of Bob Dylan


Festival Of Nations // Minnesotan Illustrations

I was asked to be a part of a promotional campaign for the 2013 Festival of Nations in St. Paul. These illustrations are going to be featured in some designs around town, starting today! Keep your eyes peeled, and I’ll post the full campaign in days to come.

The theme was Think Global, Party Local. We matched traditional Minnesotan animal images with international cultural… accessories. :) Fun!

Click to enlarge

Loon Loon_FamilyMooseMoose_FamilyWalleye Walleye_FamilyBunyan

St Paul Skyline // Minnesota Illustration

As a complement to my previous Minneapolis Skyline (for sale here), I’ve gone and done St. Paul as well. I figured it could only make sense.

St Paul Skyline IllustrationSt Paul Skyline Illustration Detail 1St Paul Skyline Illustration Detail 2So, I’m pretty jazzed! They just came out of the ol’ printer and I’ll be posting our easterly city for sale very, very soon.


2012 To-Do List // Minneapolis in the Summertime

Well, another year and another night of drinking has yielded a list in anticipation of the season which lies ahead.

Here we go. Some of these are repeats from last year… but their appeal lives on.

1. Midnight Margaritas (See: Practical Magic)
2. Sangria Party
3. Day Drinking Tour
4. Twins Game
5. Saints Game
6. Local Food Picnic
7. Camping
8. Eat Jeanna’s Hot Dogs
9. Surly Brewery Tour
10. Nice Ride – Ride ’em!
11. Canterbury
12. Blue Door Pub Challenge
13. Cannon River Tubing/Kayaking
14. Pedal Pub
15. Outdoor Dance Party
16. North Shore/Gooseberry
17. Milwaukee
18. Potlucks
19. Costume Party
20. Movies in the Park @ The Walker
21. Red Hot Art Festival
22. Stencil/Tag/Graffiti Something
23. Volunteer at Humane Society
24. Wrist-Tying Ceremony
25. Play Some Kind of Sport :(
26. Mini Golf
27. Dance in the Rain
28. Orchestrate a Flash Mob
29. Harriet Island
30. Mimosas at the Asian Makeout Spot
31. All day Mimosa Brunch
32. MFA! x10!
–32.1 Get a CSA there
33. Tend Alex’s Garden (Plant, Seed, Harvest)
34. Fasika
35. University Bar Crawl (Big V’s, Hot Rods, Turf Club, etc)
36. James Beard Award Restaurant Tour
37. Brew [Ginger] Beer
38. Whiskey Ginger Party
39. Porky’s Party
40. Go to Acme Amateur Night
41. Call Doug “Dougie Fresh”
42. Summertime Okaboji
43. Fishing Trip
44. “We Are The 1%” Party
45. Bocce @ Alexis Bailey Vineyard
46. Minnesota State Fair
47. Go to The LOWBROW
48. Go to Brasa
49. Go to Alex’s cool spot at Minnehaha Falls
50. Art a Whirl
51. Take more pictures!
52. Frisbee Golf

We are more than open to suggestions. Tell me if ya wanna come along. :)