Bold Floral // Preview Sketch

It’s coming! Hopefully this weekend!

bold floral outline pencil sketch


In The Heart Of The Beast Theatre // Enchanted Forest Poster

A very fun project slid itself across my doormat recently. I was asked to help create a poster for the New Year’s benefit of a local theatre: In The Heart Of The Beast Theatre. The event was put on by Smoked Trout Productions, of which my friend, Jim, was humblingly helpful and patient throughout the entire process. Thanks to his considered critiques, I can proudly show you where we ended.

First, though, a bit of process… Inspiration, and then as usual, I started with my hands!

A┬ábit of a change in direction here…

And finally – –


Farmers’ Market // Sketch

After the St Paul Farmers’ Market on Sunday, a bunch of friends and I went to The Black Dog Cafe. The lovely people there had some paper and drawing supplies laid out for any to enjoy… and so enjoy we did. J encouraged me to draw the woman who had very kindly given us some garlic chives to accompany our sprouts.

You certainly made my (our) day with your sweet and enthusiastic generosity, so here you go, darling woman!

Farmers' Market Woman

Portraits // Preliminary Sketches

I’m on the road to creating some vector portraits, and here are some of my stepping stones!


I created these basic line drawings based on some photographs. They were drawn with the intent of later tracing them in Illustrator, where the lines become shapes of their own. There are unique considerations in drawing so, and as pieces themselves they are a bit goofy looking.

Anyway, you’ll see their end product in the next week or so, hopefully.